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Why hockey romances?
My son's love for ice hockey and my love of him and watching him play gave birth to The Sin Bin Hockey Series. Once a hockey mom, always a hockey mom, and my daughter even played as a young adult too.

Thanks to the popularity of the Sin Bin's ten books, I am now onto the Maine Maulers Series. It's an NHL team in Maine and book 1 Rookie in Love is out! In this series the books will be more connected as the team struggles to win the Cup.
Motivated by my love of Italy and discovering the new genre of mafia romances, I created Dirty: A Dark Mafia Romance Series and Italian King, dropping in Jyly. Book 2, Dirty Vengeance, will be out August 4th but it doesn't end there! This will be a 4 to 5 book series and it's best if the books are read in order.
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We have a FB fan group for both hockey and mafia so look me up. The Dirty Series Dark Mafia Romances and Zoe Beth Geller's Hockey Pond. I hope to see you there!

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Exciting news for 2021

The Sin Bin Hockey Series concluded with Jake, book #10 March 2021. Book #1 Jackson, has a bonus epilogue link in the back that was added in late 2020. Liam has a link for a free epilogue which was published with the original book.

May 4th, 2021 is when the Maine Maulers Hockey Series came out with the release of Rookie in Love, Book 1. Jagged Ice, Book #2 is up for pre-order. I have no clue what all these hockey guys will get into-yet! However, this series will be more entwined. 

My first journey into Dark Mafia Romance occurs on July 20th with the release of the Italian King (Micheli Mafia). The tropes are a combination of bargain/arranged marriage but by no means clean-cut, there will be caveats. This comes with a bonus scene and a Spotify playlist.

Italian will lead into The Dirty: Dirty Vengeance releasing Aug.2nd, 2021. This book is about Sal, the second son in the Micheli family and he will have his hands full with a sexy vixen who is the cross between Laura Croft and Le Femme Nikita. She is a kick-ass heroine and we love her so much she will in the remaining books, This series is best read in order as it has a series arc as well as a story in each book! This series is different from most as it takes place in Florence, ITALY. 

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Hope everyone is staying safe!