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I'm an author of 23 books to date. I started out with a college hockey series and my second series, the Maine Maulers, is a pro team. 

I wanted to spread my wings and went into my next passion; mafia.

The romance suspense mafia series, The Dirty, consists of 5 books and is also in a box set. It's set in Italy.

This spun off into the Volkov Bratva Series. It's a series of three books, one book for each brother.

Due to fan requests, I released Faking it with the Football Star in March 2023. I never dreamed it would be so popular. This is my 5th series, the Maine Megalodons.

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Sending you positive vibes!

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Exciting news for 2022

The Sin Bin Hockey Series is a college hockey romance sereis complete with 10 books. Additionally, they are in box sets on KU.

Most have bonus scenes, and all books have links for the next in the series, and pages of all my books in order for the series.

The Maine Maulers Hockey Series is a pro hockey team set in Maine! It's a team starting a new season and is tightly interconnected.


The Dirty Series: A Dark Mafia Romance (Micheli Mafia) is a new series consisting of 5 books and are best read in order as book one starts off with the romance of the don, Dante, and is not 'dark dark', however, the entire series progresses and is very connected with a murder mystery plot, kick-ass action, and adventure that goes to Russia in book 5 and sets up the next mafia series.  

Football is coming to Maine! I hope to have a date in 2023 soon!

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Hope everyone is staying safe!